Sunday, May 1, 2011

University of Arizona MFA Thesis Exhibition

My talented and wonderful boyfriend Jorge just had his MFA thesis show! The opening was April 21st, but I just now have had the chance to write about it. It is showing at the University of Arizona Museum of Art and will be up until May 15th if you want to go check it out!

Here's the postcard from the exhibition:

And here is Jorge's amazing work! I'm so proud of him! It's about border issues here in Arizona. It is definitely a piece you will want to spend some time looking at because there is a lot of interesting  information. I noticed at the opening that people were really drawn to this piece and spent a lot of time reading through it.

Titled: Borderland: A "Do It Usted Mismo" For Perilous Living

I'm so happy that he made it to the end! (Not that I had any doubts)

Here are some images from the rest of the exhibition. I have to admit that I didn't have enough time to look really closely at too much of the work at the opening, but I will surely go back because there was a lot of really good work in the show:

I found these pieces to be very intriguing. They are by Sonja Johnson, and are relief prints on mylar that are in light boxes. It's hard to tell in the image, but they are in differnt layers to give it more of a 3D feel, and are really beautiful.

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