Monday, February 14, 2011

Heat Zone Work Shop and Gem Show

Last weekend I was able to attend the Heat Zone Workshop by Helen Blythe-Hart, where she taught a soldering method she calls the Heat Zone. We did some excercises to get used to using both hands the correct way while sodering, and then she had us do some soldering methods that involve less cleanup and less time. She was even nice enough to come to ASU to give a lecture! The workshop was held at Harold Studio, a metals studio in Phoenix that metalsmiths can rent to use for a very reasonable price.

Plaza where Harold Studio is in Phoenix

Harold Studio front door

It's in a really pretty plaza

Awesome seahorse sculpture

Inside Harold Studio


Rolling mill and tools that renters can use

HB showing how to solder

Torch flame!

My sample


On Friday I went to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! Here are some images of what I got while there! Some of these will be made into jewelry soon!



Herkimer Diamonds

Petrified Wood

Aquamarine cabouchons

Green amethyst and pink topaz

Happy Valentine's Day!

Olive smelling the beautiful roses that my sweet boyfriend sent to me!

Ariel wants to smell too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jewelry sale and new(ish) work

I apologize for it being so long since my last post! The Spring semester started up a couple of weeks ago, and it has been very busy! I have finally gotten around to photographing these rings that I finished in December. They are puzzle rings, and they fit together. The idea behind them is that they connect the people wearing them, indicating that all people in the world are fundamentally the same, and are connected in some way. I may eventually expand on this idea and make many more rings that fit together. I want it show a more global unity. Any ideas?

Also, I wanted to announce that the ASU Metals Club with be having a jewelry sale, just in time for Valentine's Day! It will be on ASU Tempe campus in front of the Art Building February 9 and 10 from 10:00 to 4:00 both days. The Metals Club has also started an etsy website that sells jewelry made by students in the club. 20% of sales go to the club to bring in artists so that students can learn new techniques. Here is a link to the website:

Examples of work that will be at the Jewelry Sale and/or on the etsy website:

Aqua blue enamel post earrings by Michelle Startzman

Bird post earrings by Katie Poterala