Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This semester I have been taking a Lithography class at ASU. Like anything new, it's a bit of a challenge, but so much fun! I really love printmaking, and have always wanted to try lithography, so I jumped on the chance. My instructor, Ellie Honl, has been so great and so supportive. She's been really great about allowing me to incorporate my metalworking into the prints, which has been a fun and different way of working for me. I've been less resistant to making wall pieces and haven't been making as much jewelry lately, but I'm back into making some that are nowhere near finished yet. I'm also printing directly onto metal in my latest piece, but you'll have to wait to see!

This was made by drawing on a stone and then printing the image, while also blocking out part of the image with stencils. The portraits in blue ink were then printed on using a smart plate, then I pierced copper pieces that are fastened to the image, which is mounted on wood. 

This is the same process, only the pierced metal parts are extended out from the image. 

Here are all 5 that I made!

As soon as I'm finished, I'll post images of other recent work!