Monday, June 27, 2011

Model shots of my work

I am applying for the MJSA scholarship, so I needed images of some of my work on a model. The model is Stephanie Passantino, and the photographer is Tiffiney Yazzie. They both did an excellent job! I'm very happy with the images!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Earrings and Fossils

Here are my latest pieces that will soon be listed on Etsy! They are all post earrings, made with sterling silver and enamel over a textured surface.

Two fossil pendants:

I love fossils! I got these fossils a while ago and finally had the time to make something with them! The first one is an agatized dinosuar bone that I bought from a woman selling stones at our school. The design in the stone is amazing. I have another red one that hopefully I'll be able to make something with soon.

The second pendant shown below is a fossil that I bought from the Geology Club at ASU. They were not able to tell me the fossil is called, but told me that it is some sort of ocean creature. If anyone knows, I would love to find out what it is!

Dinosuar bone fossil

Ocean fossil (not sure what it's called)